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Christopher F. Allwin

Founding Partner, Bellus Capital


Christopher F. Allwin is a founding partner at Bellus Capital. Bellus Capital is a special situations fund founded in 2015. Prior to co-founding Bellus Capital, Mr. Allwin was a member of the Gener8 Maritime’s (formerly known as General Maritime) finance department. From 2009 to 2015 he raised more than $3 billion in shipping transactions including public and private debt and equity. From 2011 to 2012 he helped oversee General Maritime’s Chapter 11 restructuring.  Prior to joining the corporation, he was an investment banking analyst in the Financial Institutions Group at Bear Stearns. Mr. Allwin's family has a long history with Communities In Schools. His father, Jim Allwin, chaired the National Board of Directors until his passing in 2007. His mother, Maria Allwin, continues to be a leading supporter. Mr. Allwin earned his Bachelor's degree in political science from Yale University and his MBA from Columbia Business School. He currently lives in New York City.