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COVID-19, Race and Schools: Addressing Equitable Learning Conditions for Our Students

By Communities In Schools | Sept. 21, 2020 Academic Assistance Educational Equity

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Communities In Schools (CIS) recognizes this critical moment in U.S. history: the confluence of historical and present inequities in our communities and the social, economic, and educational disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black, Brown, and Indigenous students and students living in poverty are experiencing a differentiated set of impacts of national crises.

This moment calls for schools, non-profits, businesses, governments, and communities to embrace a conversation around shifting the educational paradigm toward reengagement, equitable learning environments, and a school climate that benefits and supports ALL students.

Beyond the physical needs of students and families, social and emotional supports are necessary for student reengagement.

The CIS model of integrated student supports can help schools address the local factors contributing to disengagement and inequitable learning.

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